Studying Tips and Tricks

Oh my gosh, second quarter has gone by so fast!!! I can hardly believe that exam week is coming up. Hopefully some of you can relate to being totally stressed out and all over the place when exam week comes around… well luckily I have some tips and tricks that can get you through the week! These totally work and are super easy!!

CHEW GUM- I’m not completely sure how this works, but when you chew gum your mind can focus better and you can concentrate more!! In my school we aren’t allowed to chew gum however when you are studying this is great!!!

COLORFUL NOTES- Next time when you are jotting down notes make them colorful by using colored pens or even using some colored pencils! Next time when you have to look over 30 notes it won’t be so bad! Taking colorful notes is super important because when you read them over it will be fun and more eye catching instead of everything blending together into one boring blob!

TYPE/REWRITE ALL OF YOUR NOTES- Trust me, I know what yo are thinking…,”why would I make more work for myself and rewrite ALL of my notes!” This helps you remember what you learned! How it works is when you take the time to process and rewrite your notes it registers in your mind. Trust me I don’t want to do the work either but this is so helpful!!

STAY ON TOP OF YOUR EXAM DAYS- All you will need for this is a whiteboard! For better results I would recommend putting the whiteboard on the back of a door, so you won’t forget to check it! Put down what days all of your exams are and what you need to do in order to study!! This is a super way to stay organized and on top of things!!!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this tips and tricks video! Comment down below what blogs you want me to post next! 🙂

xoxo, Clare


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